Moving out to the country…

I went to meet Melanie and her family I fell in love with them and their property. Beautiful family, beautiful home! These guys moved out of the city a few years ago and as you can see from the images below it was well worth it! Not only a great home but with a field too – perfect for two growing boys to explore and play… and of course for a family photo shoot!

Melanie and her family purchase a Lockdown Mini Shoot, the Door Step Photos I was offering for a few months and I was so glad they did. It’s been great to meet them and document this once in a lifetime season. Covid-19 and the global pandemic has brought many challenges, but there a few good things that we can glean from this time – for some it’s been the time to slow down and spend with the little ones.

Life is changing even now with the relax of lockdown rules, but I was so thankful to have capture this moment in time for Melanie and Ben. Enjoy a few images from our time together…

If you’d like a mini shoot over the summer holidays to document you and your loved ones – do get in touch here. £45 for 30 minutes with 5 digital downloads.

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