Smith Family Portrait shoot

This family! What a day! It’s true, before a photo shoot everyone can feel nervous, so I mentioned bringing a bit of caffeine to the location! So brandished with our take outs, we ventured into the wilds of Tatton Park…and had a great time! As you can see from the images these guys were full of laughter, it was so great to capture! Towards the end of the shoot we were walking back and came across an egg and spoon competition, so they went for it! In true competitive style they raced each other! Dad was the champion, you can see his winning smile!

Families change all the time, it’s so invaluable to have great images of you all together. I know that as I’m usually the one behind the camera!  So if you’re looking for a family shoot, why not get in touch. We can spend the time doing something you all love doing, and I’ll capture it for you!

Prices start at £150.

Andrea and Mark’s engagment shoot

Engagement shoots are still thought as ‘an American’ thing…but I love them!!

They give my clients time to settle in front of the camera before their big day. I also get to spend time with them, seeing how they interact with each other and ensuring I capture their ‘best side’. So when Andrea and Mark booked one with me I was so pleased!!

Mark proposed to Andrea on the Clent Hills, so this was the beautiful location for our shoot. Andrea and Mark had watched my video on how to prepare for the shoot (click here to see it!) so they came fully prepared.

The weather was perfect, a slight lazy sun creating a beautiful haze! It did get a little chilly, so a lush blanket came in handy half way through!! It was a great day, I can’t wait for their wedding day in a few weeks time!!

photocrati gallery

These guys love for each other is so genuine that when I turned my back to take a pic, they were still embracing each other! So awesome!! So here is a grab shot I took, I love the ‘realness’ of it… surrounded by our prop bags, they’re having a moment!!… Don’t forget if you’d like a shoot get in touch: or visit for more images

photocrati gallery

The Bettany’s

I love a beautiful autumnal day, especially when I get to use my camera! It was a complete honour to photograph this beautiful new little family. As we sat amongst an array of dried fallen leaves, we were visited by wild life too! It was a perfect afternoon, for this perfect family.

After the shoot they commented on social media: ‘Such a lovely  time with this gifted lady, helped us feel so natural and get the pics of our little family. Big love & Thanks.’

If you’d like a family photo shoot then prices start at £150 with images included! Perfect for that family gift for christmas.

photocrati gallery