Andrea and Mark’s engagment shoot

Engagement shoots are still thought as ‘an American’ thing…but I love them!!

They give my clients time to settle in front of the camera before their big day. I also get to spend time with them, seeing how they interact with each other and ensuring I capture their ‘best side’. So when Andrea and Mark booked one with me I was so pleased!!

Mark proposed to Andrea on the Clent Hills, so this was the beautiful location for our shoot. Andrea and Mark had watched my video on how to prepare for the shoot (click here to see it!) so they came fully prepared.

The weather was perfect, a slight lazy sun creating a beautiful haze! It did get a little chilly, so a lush blanket came in handy half way through!! It was a great day, I can’t wait for their wedding day in a few weeks time!!

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These guys love for each other is so genuine that when I turned my back to take a pic, they were still embracing each other! So awesome!! So here is a grab shot I took, I love the ‘realness’ of it… surrounded by our prop bags, they’re having a moment!!… Don’t forget if you’d like a shoot get in touch: or visit for more images

photocrati gallery

Engagement Shoot – Beth and Barnes

Every good love story should start with a tree top house! So naturally this is a good’en!!

Let me introduce you to the wonderful Beth and Barnes to you…these two incredible humans will tie the knot in July so I went to visit their wedding destination, one sunny afternoon in May.And here is where it all began in this amazing tree top cafe, so of course, we started the shoot here: the location of their first date! This incredible place had it’s own high-wire rope bridge, which the couple took to straight away! It is evident that these two, love life and love laughing… we had a lot of fun!

Then we took a drive down beautiful country lanes to find the beach (which we are hoping to visit on their wedding day- YES I’m excited!!). As you can see, these two have great fun and are deeply in love. It’s going to be a great wedding day!

Towards the end of the shoot we visited the farm, were the reception will be held…As you can imagine, it was such a lovely day!!


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